Skyoneer FAQ

For Skyoneer, the QA process ensures seamless gameplay by rigorously testing features, compatibility, and security. This involves functional, usability, and security testing across devices and browsers. The goal is to provide a robust, enjoyable, and secure digital farming experience for players.
July 2, 2024

Q: What is Skyoneer? 

A: Skyoneer is a blockchain-based farming and exploration game set in an interplanetary future. It's an evolution of the previous game CropXYZ, expanding beyond terrestrial farming to interstellar agriculture and exploration.

Q: How do I start playing Skyoneer? 

A: You can start by purchasing a Galactic Gardener Pack NFT, which provides you with essential in-game assets like a plot of land, Gold (in-game currency), and access to the game.

Q: What's the difference between CropXYZ and Skyoneer? 

A: Skyoneer is an expanded version of CropXYZ, featuring a new interplanetary setting, additional gameplay elements, and a more immersive narrative. Your CropXYZ assets will still be valid in Skyoneer.

Q: What can I do in Skyoneer? 

A: In Skyoneer, you can cultivate crops on distant planets, build and manage space communities, explore new worlds, and participate in various minigames related to farming and resource management.

Q: What is Gold and how is it used? 

A: Gold (zGOLD) is the primary in-game currency. It can be used to purchase seeds, upgrades, and other in-game assets.

Q: How often is the game updated? 

A: Skyoneer has a planned cycle of updates, with new features and content released regularly. The exact schedule may vary, but players can expect ongoing development and new content.

Q: Is Skyoneer available on mobile? 

A: As of now, Skyoneer is web-based and has a PWA mobile app.

Q: How does Skyoneer use blockchain technology? 

A: Skyoneer uses blockchain for true ownership of in-game assets (like land and crops) and for its in-game economy. It's built on Gold, a Base-settled Layer 3 blockchain.

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