Introducing Skyoneer

Welcome to Skyoneer, the interplanetary evolution of CropXYZ! We're excited to launch our Galactic Gardener Pack NFT collection, offering an immersive gaming experience that transcends traditional farming.
July 3, 2024

Welcome to Skyoneer, the reimagined and interplanetary evolution of CropXYZ! Today, we are thrilled to unveil our new identity and the launch of the Galactic Gardener Pack NFT collection. As we transition from terrestrial farming to interplanetary exploration, Skyoneer will offer an immersive gaming experience that goes beyond farming.

Why the Rebrand?

While CropXYZ laid a solid foundation in blockchain-based farming, Skyoneer represents our vision for a more expansive and immersive gaming experience. We're not just growing crops anymore; we're cultivating entire onchain worlds and CropXYZ is just one of those potential worlds. Now, let's explore how Skyoneer builds upon its predecessor's success.

Building on Success

Since its initial launch, Skyoneer’s predecessor, CropXYZ, has seen over 60,000 transactions within just two weeks, engaging thousands of players. The original CropXYZ Farmer Starter Pack collection sold out within 10 hours. The Galactic Gardener Pack collection aims to bring in another 3,000 players, expanding the game’s community and activity. With this strong foundation, we're excited to introduce you to the expanded Skyoneer universe.

The Skyoneer Universe

Set in a future where humanity has ventured beyond Earth, Skyoneer players live in an interstellar society where three major factions compete for resources and influence across the cosmos. 

As a Skyoneer, you'll join the Skyoneer Collective (SkyCo), a collaborative group of scientists, farmers, and explorers dedicated to sustainable interplanetary agriculture. Led by visionaries like Terra Greenwood, a passionate lead farmer, Orion Starchild, a former space pilot, and Aster Nova, a brilliant biotechnologist, SkyCo aims to ensure humanity's food security among the stars.

Your journey will involve:

  1. Cultivating crops on distant planets
  2. Building and managing a sustainable community in space
  3. Exploring new worlds and uncovering their secrets

However, your path won't be easy. Opposing SkyCo's noble goals is Galactix Industries, a powerful conglomerate led by the ruthless CEO Magnus Gnex. Galactix seeks to monopolize newly discovered planets for profit, often at the expense of ethical and environmental concerns. As a player, you'll be challenged to thwart Galactix’s exploitative practices and showcase more sustainable alternatives.

Adding further complexity to this cosmic struggle is The Syndicate, a shadowy organization engaged in sabotage, espionage, and black-market dealings. Led by Nebula, a former SkyCo scientist with a vengeful agenda, The Syndicate aims to disrupt both SkyCo and Galactix operations while seizing control of advanced agricultural technology for their own purposes.

In Skyoneer, every decision you make - from the crops you choose to cultivate to the alliances you form - will shape the future of humanity's expansion into the stars. Will you uphold SkyCo's vision of sustainable development, be tempted by Galactix's promises of quick profits, or perhaps find yourself drawn into SYN's web of intrigue? The universe awaits your choices, Skyoneer! As we venture into this new frontier, it's important to understand how our game has evolved. 

Introducing the Galactic Gardener Pack Collection

To commemorate its rebranding and expansion, Skyoneer is launching the Galactic Gardener Pack collection, consisting of 10,000 unique NFTs that provide players with everything they need to play the game. Owning one of these limited NFTs grants players early and exclusive access to Skyoneer, enabling them to cultivate crops, interact with a dynamic marketplace, and explore the galaxies. Priced from 0.015 ETH to 0.15 ETH, these NFTs are now available for purchase exclusively on Skyoneer's official website,

To dig deeper into the specifics of what the Galactic Gardener Pack offers and how it differs from the Farmer Starter Pack, let’s compare them. 

Farmer Starter Pack vs. Galactic Gardener Pack

The transition from the Farmer Starter Pack to the Galactic Gardener Pack reflects Skyoneer's evolution. Your Farmer Starter Packs from Season 1 are and will always be valid for gameplay in Skyoneer. Here's a breakdown of the key differences in the packs:

Here's a breakdown of the key differences:

  1. Land Allocation:
    • Farmer Starter Pack: 2 plots of land per pack
    • Galactic Gardener Pack: 1 plot of land per pack. This change allows for more balanced gameplay and economy
  2. Gold:
    • Galactic Gardener Pack offers 50% more Gold than the original pack which provides players with more initial resources to explore the expanded game
  3. Crop Seeds: 
    • The Galactic Gardener Pack does not come with seeds, instead players can buy their own crops with the increased amount of Gold
  4. Tools and Resources:
    • Farmer Starter Pack: Included a fertilizer option
    • Galactic Gardener Pack: Introduces a Titanium Shovel option 

The fertilizer and shovel features are currently under development but they will give players new functionalities in-game.

In addition to the functional differences between the packs, the Galactic Gardener Pack features a sleek, futuristic design compared to the rustic look of the Farmer Starter Pack. This aligns with the new space theme of the game. To bring this expanded universe to life, we've leveraged cutting-edge technology and formed strategic partnerships.

Partnerships and Technology

Skyoneer is the first game on Gold, a Base-settled Layer 3 blockchain. Gold’s technology ensures a secure and transparent gaming experience, providing true ownership of in-game assets while maintaining a user-friendly interface.

In developing and promoting the Galactic Gardener Pack NFT, Skyoneer has collaborated with industry leaders like Syndicate, Biconomy, Celestia, Airstack, Privy, Tenderly, and Once Upon. These partnerships have enabled us to incorporate cutting-edge features, enhanced gameplay, and comprehensive analytics, ensuring a seamless and immersive user experience.


We want to be as transparent as possible with our community. Here is a rough outline of our upcoming roadmap for the Skyoneer ecosystem. 

  1. Free-to-Play Minigames:
  • Launch of two initial minigames focused on crop cultivation and resource management in space environments
  • These games will introduce players to the Skyoneer universe without requiring them to purchase game assets which means players will have a path to play Skyoneer in a limited capacity without buying the NFT
  1. Second planet Coming End of August 🪐
    • Explore an entirely new world within Skyoneer
  2. Player Co-ops:
    • Players can form or join Co-ops with their friends or strangers to pool resources and tackle larger challenges
  3. Additional Game Features:
    • Special items like the fertilizer and the shovel will give players added functionality and powers in the game
  4. NFT Marketplace:
    • Build a marketplace so players can sell their plots and other non-fungible game assets for $zGOLD
  5. Native $zGOLD Bridge:
    • Development of a Circle CCTP inspired bridge to move native $zGOLD from Gold to Base
  6. Crop Storage System:
    • Introduction of virtual silos and warehouses for harvested crops
    • Players can store and manage their yields, making strategic decisions about when to sell or use crops
  7. Stars as In-Game Currency:
    • Launch of "Stars" as an in-game currency
    • Stars can be earned through gameplay and used for various in-game purchases and upgrades

To learn more about Skyoneer, the Galactic Gardener Pack NFT, and how you can participate in this exciting new chapter of blockchain gaming, visit The sky is not the limit—your journey as a Skyoneer is just beginning!

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